A person Whose Purpose & Passion Will Help Change the Community

I was born in New York City, the proud daughter of hardworking parents.  My father, an immigrant from Italy, escaped the Fascist regime and moved to the United States with his American wife and daughter.  He loved his adopted country and raised his three children to feel the same way.  I will always be grateful that my parents gave me the two best gifts you can give your child: roots and wings, which enabled me to know where I came from and where I could always return.

I was a teacher, a business owner, a bookkeeper, a novelist and TV host.  What I have learned through the years is to listen, to evaluate, and to turn my concerns into positive action.


As an adult education teacher, whose pupils ranged from disadvantaged students to seniors who were learning skills at the secondary level, my mission was both to inspire my students and to provide them with the necessary computer literacy skills and office management procedures that would allow them to be productive members of the workforce.


For many years I was a paralegal, and I worked in the corporate, finance, immigration and criminal defense fields.  

Volunteer work has always been a passion of mine.  In the Cayman Islands I established a program for juveniles, where they were encouraged to stay in school and become part of the community outside of their local environment.

An additional passion has also inspired me to rescue and foster homeless and abused cats and to find them loving and forever homes, giving them a new start in life.