It is imperative that students receive a solid education that would ensure that upon graduation from high school they would have the necessary proficiency to compete in the workforce or complete  their education, which would move them independently and progressively forward.



Our teachers must be paid a proper living wage, and given the resources to enable them to continue their commitment to make South Carolina's children the best educated in our country.


Our children are not safe in their schools.  We must ensure that measures are in place to protect them.   They are our future, and we should not put a price on their safety.


The population of seniors, including our veterans, is expanding rapidly.  Therefore, it is crucial that they have security and the resources they need for social support and medical and prescription options, so they may face the challenges of an ever-changing world - not as observers, but to be active participants in its development.


It is a national disgrace that some of the men and women who have always protected us live on the streets or in homeless shelters.  We cannot be a nation that does not honor their service and  does not provide the best medical care available.  


One of my objectives would be for South Carolina to adopt a law, wherein pet stores may sell only rescued cats, dogs and rabbits.  This has successfully been done in other states, which has alleviated the burden of shelters that have to euthanize unwanted animals.  Such a bill would also reduce the number of puppies and kittens from puppy and kitten mills.  Often, these animals are very sick and live in deplorable conditions.